Pakistan is conducting a ballistic missile test


Source: Islamabad – Abdul Rahman Rizk

The Pakistani army announced in a statement today, Thursday, an action Successful missile test On a surface-to-surface missile, “Ghaznavi”, with a range of 290 km. The Ghaznavi missile belongs to the home-made Hatf missile system, and can carry conventional and nuclear charges.

The statement issued by the Pakistani army added that Missile test “Part of a field training to lead the strategic forces,” and “aims to review the operational preparations of the missile, day and night.” Footage from the Pakistani army showed footage of the missile test.

The missile test comes days after India test-fired a K-4 ballistic missile from a submarine. This comes in light of the tension in Pakistani-Indian relations after New Delhi’s efforts to annex the disputed state of Jammu and Kashmir between the two countries to Indian sovereignty in August last year.

Pakistan asserts that The Hatf missile system Homemade is for the purpose of “providing a minimal deterrent force.” Pakistan usually conducts these missile tests “to develop their characteristics and to ensure they conform to quality standards.”

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