Parents rejected their marriage twice … “The Poisonous Pill” marks the end of “Romeo”


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Tuesday 14 January 2020

Kafr El-Sheikh – Islam Ammar:

Three days was the most tragic chapter in a classic of ancient love, set back to reality in a small village in Kafr El-Sheikh; a new Juliet committed suicide, and Romeo followed.

On the grave of his beloved, “Samir. P.” Kept hesitating for three days in a row, crying her preference for suicide over parting and was pushed to him because of the people who rejected all their marriage attempts.

“May I say goodbye to you … I pray that our Lord will forgive me … do not make me upset from me .. I am going to my beloved.” Thus, “Samir” chose a quick farewell – via “Facebook” – he attached it to “Lubna”, who committed suicide three days ago with “poisonous pill.”

Sadness depicted the funerary scene of the two youths, while the narration of their deaths was transmitted among the people of the village in a manner common.

Ahmad M. friend of the young suicide bomber, recounted to Masrawy, detailing the story, saying: “A love story arose between Samir and Lubna, who decided with her to marry, but the family of each of them met this request with rejection.”

“It has reached the point of forcing the girl to marry another woman she does not like,” says the friend of the young suicide who adds: “Her marriage did not last more than two weeks before she left the marital home and divorced.”

After the divorce, “Samir” renewed the request to marry his beloved, and the two families faced the request to refuse again, so it was only a sweetheart who committed suicide with a disk to save the grain “toxic pill”, to end the tragedy of the dream of an impossible marriage, as the villagers tell.

3 full days began the day before yesterday, Saturday, after the death of “Lubna”, with whom “Samir” began to frequent the grave of his beloved, crying and separated her, before he chose the same farewell method as “a poisonous grain”, and wrote the end of their story today, Monday.

“When Samir was taken to the Baltim Central Hospital, he was very tired, and he was waving his hand to the people around him saying: Goodbye … I am walking … I am going to my love,” says his friend Ahmed, adding: “After the doctors decided to transfer Samir to the Poison Institute In Alexandria, while moving about, his spirit went up and I was returned to the Baltim Central Hospital, whose body was deposited with his mortuary at the disposal of the prosecution. “

The director of Kafr El-Sheikh security, Major General Mahmoud Hassan, had received a notification from the Baltim police chief of the arrival of the young man, “Samir. P. – 25 years old,” who was suffering from a suspected phosphorous poisoning, as a result of eating a deadly grain.

The governor, Major-General Jamal Nour El Din, issued previous instructions to the heads of local units in the centers and cities, the directorates of supply, health, veterinary medicine and agriculture, prohibiting the circulation of the grain to save the grain in other than the outlets designated for that, and carrying out periodic inspection campaigns in the interest of the life and health of citizens.

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