Parts of Muharram Bey Bridge collapse in Alexandria


The collapse of parts of Muharram Bey Bridge, in the center of Alexandria, disrupted traffic and pushed rapid intervention vehicles to facilitate traffic.

Major General Sami Ghoneim, Director of Alexandria Security, received a notification from the Moharram Bey police station chief, stating that a report had been received regarding the collapse of parts of the Muharram Bey bridge in the city center, which resulted in stopping traffic in both directions after the bridge closed.Immediately, the department’s investigation officers moved to the place of the communication, and the Traffic Department pushed rapid intervention vehicles to solve the traffic crisis and divert the car lane. Alexandria Governorate officials went to a central neighborhood to the place of the collapse to find out its causes.

An engineering committee was formed from the central neighborhood to conduct a survey to find out the cause of the collapse of parts of the bridge, and how dangerous it is on the bridge, whether the collapse from the body or just an external shell, and edit the necessary report on the incident, and the prosecution notified the investigations.

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