Photo – Rami Jamal is preparing for surgery


01/16 12:23

Singer Ramy Gamal worried about his fans after he posted a photo that revealed his willingness to perform surgery.

Jamal posted the photo via his Instagram account and appeared wearing a medical muzzle.

He wrote: “At the dawn of the night of the operation, I will have a difficult and prolonged day, so that they will prepare me for an early morning operation, God willing, we ask God for kindness as I have become accustomed to.”

Rami Jamal did not clarify anything about the surgery he would undergo.

Rami Jamal had revealed that he had vitiligo and wrote through his Facebook account, explaining about his health, saying: “Praise be to God who loved me, so he cured me, and I was able to have patience from a while when white spots appeared in my body and that I knew it was vitiligo, and I tried Many types of treatment, many doctors and no benefit, I agreed and gave my order to God, so I knew that the anguish was providing him with the adequacy and difficulty of my work and the constant anxiety of the future. ”

He continued: “Indeed, he stayed more so much that I caught the attention of many people who kept telling me that you would deal with me and you are an artist and who is afraid of delivering and who is asking me this is my stomach. I am actually a year old if I have a party or filming tired as I see a way to hide it with me so that people say I would like to see another business I do so people will not accept you like this. ”

Rami Jamal added: “I thought about their words frankly and found that I have two solutions oh really thank you so much for this work, despite my love for it and my lack of knowledge of others, oh either it is not my other goals and you accept me with it and have mercy on all of us who have blamed them with it from a view that its shape is strange praise God bless the family because they are the only ones who accept the one as it is.



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