Photos and videos Tamer Ashour ignites his first concert in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Books – Hani Saber:

The artist Tamer Ashour revived, on Friday evening, his first concerts in Jeddah and his third in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia after he performed two concerts within the activities of the Riyadh season, which is organized by the General Authority of Entertainment headed by Chancellor Turki Al Sheikh.

Tamer ignited the enthusiasm of the large audience, who was keen to be present at the party early hours before its launch, and interacted with the songs Ashour presented at the party and participated in singing.

Ashour presented a number of old and new songs, including: “Tales”, “Days”, “This is Story”, “Parting”, “Oh Welcome”, “Saying Samah”, “Mahoot”, “Receiving”, “Bye”, “ Challenge ”,“ God knows best, ”“ lucky, ”“ in my mind, ”“ what we don’t watch, ”“ I am back, ”and“ Khalsa’s tale. ”And others.

It is mentioned that the last work of Tamer Ashour is the album “Ayam”, which he released on YouTube, and included 12 songs.


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