Pictures .. Ahmad Azza and Zinah’s quarrel: Your children from your crucifixion have mercy on you


Ahmed Ezz and Zaina happened to them a lot of different problems and differences and this came recently, as she spoke about her recent crisis of her marriage, which ended completely and got her right legally and this came thanks to many Sharia courts, and this came thanks to the law-specific state that is blessed It is currently in Egypt.

Zina declares to Ahmed Ezz saying, “Your children of your crucifixion have mercy on you”

And Zina sent a strong message to the artist Ahmed Ezz during her dialogue on the “Story” program, which was presented through the media Amr Adib via MBC Egypt, and she replied, “By saying to Ahmed Ezz … the fans will not have mercy on you if you die, but your children who They are the one who crucified you, who will have mercy on you. ”It is one of the things that caught the attention of many viewers and followers who watched and followed the episode yesterday evening.


It is also mentioned that she announced many new details about her marriage period with the artist Ahmed Ezz. She said, “I got married on June 15, 2012 in the presence of my family … and we traveled America, so we documented the customary marriage in the Egyptian consulate there .. And I wanted to retire from the artistic community, and it was Bigelie worked very much at this time, it would have been a great move in my life. ”She directed many important messages concerning their lives together and her children and talked about her artwork and many more.


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