Polio vaccination campaign, February 16, from the age of 5 for a day


The Ministry of Health and Population is launching a national campaign to vaccinate against polio from February 16 to 19, and the campaign comes within the framework of keeping Egypt polio-free. The Ministry of Health said that the campaign includes all Egyptians and non-Egyptians residing in the Arab Republic of Egypt from the age of one day to 5. Years for children.

Dr. Alaa Eid, Head of Preventive Medicine Sector at the Ministry of Health, said that the campaign is free of charge for Egyptian and non-Egyptian children from the age group of one day up to 5 years, pointing out that Egypt is declared by the World Health Organization free of polio and the taste is given as a precaution.

He added that the campaign targets 16.5 million children, with the aim of keeping Egypt free from polio. He continued: The last recorded polio case in Egypt dates back 14 years, indicating that the ministry implements vaccination campaigns against the disease annually to ensure that the community’s immunity is raised to children, and that it continues Keeping Egypt free from this disease.

He explained that “vaccination” is necessary for all children in the target age group, and that medical teams will work throughout the four days from eight in the morning until five in the evening..

He added that the vaccination will be from house to house in the countryside to ensure access to all targeted children, while cities will be vaccinated by mobile teams in the streets, with fixed teams in health centers, health offices, rural units, and maternal and child care centers until five in the evening.

He pointed out that the ministry will deploy fixed teams next to mosques, churches, clubs, and markets, train stations, subways, travel car parks, and public parks, to provide vaccination services free of charge..

He pointed out that vaccination is carried out using 19 million doses of oral polio vaccination for all children, as approximately 90,000 people have been prepared in the campaign and trained to work, explaining that the number of supervisors of the campaign is 15 thousand supervisors


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