Pornographic spread of the artist, Ilham Shaheen, with a famous artist


Pioneers on social media shared pornographic pictures of Egyptian artist Ilham Shaheen, showing her naked on the bed with a well-known Egyptian artist, and exchanging
Kisses in uncharacteristic positions.
With research and investigation, the “Arab Network” reached
The images are correct, but they are taken from the movie, the star was Elham Shaheen, one of his heroes
Sexual pictures from porn scene, but they were in the context of the movie.
The photos are from scenes from the movie “Desire” starring
The artists Ilham Shaheen and Nadia Al-Joundi, and contained some hot scenes of «Shaheen»
With artist Yasser Jalal.
The photos spread among some and published by unknown websites,
Soon anyone can prove the falsehood of the incident, by searching for it on Google to discover that it is
A cinematography not a sexual movie, but those who published it relied on the fact that the artist appears in
The pictures are semi-naked while the artist Yasser Jalal exchanges them for hot kisses.


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