Prices for Kia Sportage 2020 cars after large discounts of 35,000 pounds


The Egyptian International EIT Company for Trade and Agencies announced the agents of the Korean Kia brand in Egypt, the prices of Kia Sportage 2020 cars, after they announced major discounts for the sporty multi-use category 2020 model with a rate ranging from 25 to 35 thousand pounds, and the category includes in its list 18 cars of various styles Belong to Korean, Japanese, Malaysian and American brands, all prices fell during January.

Prices for Kia Sportage 2020 cars

According to the latest prices, the standard category of Sportage was sold at 394,900 pounds instead of 429,900 pounds, a decrease of 35,000 pounds, and the second category became its official price of 434,900 pounds compared to 459,900 pounds, and the third category decreased from its price of 25,000 pounds, and its new price became 444,900 pounds Instead of 469,900, the fourth category fell to 474,900 pounds, after it was sold in the first half of January, at 499,900 pounds.

While the fifth category in the new prices recorded 484.900 pounds instead of 509.900, and the sixth category by 509.900 compared to 534.900, and the TL category higher than Sportage by 519.900 pounds instead of 544.900 pounds.

Kia Sportage car features

Kia Sportage cars are characterized by providing a four-cylinder drive system with a capacity of 1.6 in the capacity of 140 hp and 6300 rpm, with a top speed of 180 km / h for the first three categories, and a strength of 170 hp and a speed of 201 km / h, for the fourth category with a complete payment system For wheels, the engine power of the tires transmits a 6-speed citronic gear transmission in the first three classes and 7 speeds for the higher classes.

Sportage cars consume 6.8 liters of fuel per 100 km, and accelerate from stability to 100 km / h in 11.1 seconds in the front-wheel drive categories, while in the all-wheel drive classes it is 9.1 seconds, and the car contains 6 airbags from accident risk and a system Anti-lock brakes, ESP electronic balance program, and EBD electronic brake distribution system.

External specifications of Kia cars

Kia cars have wide sports tires that stand on it 17-inch and 19-inch for the higher category, supported by anti-theft alarm system, anti-theft system and front and rear fog lights, and it has many amenities including automatic air conditioning and a 7-inch data display. , Audio player with AUX input, USB and versatile steering wheel.


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