Private .. The text of the police report on the death of journalist Rehab Badr


Al-Dustour obtained the police report at the time of reporting the incident, which details the death of the young media coordinator, Rehab Badr.

According to the investigation minutes, Lt. Col. Islam Bakr, head of the Investigation Department of Maadi Police Department, received a communication from the people of Mansheya Al-Masry in Tora Department of the Department, with the move and examination showing the presence of a dead body hanging to the journalist, “Rehab Badr Hamid, born in 1982”, residing in the aforementioned address.

The mother and husband noticed the disappearance .. No response to the contacts
The minutes stated that the mother of the victim, and her husband, Amin Abdel Moneim, worked as a store manager with an Apple company residing at the same address, 5 Al-Laithy Street, Mansheyat Al-Masry, Tora Al-Maadi, noting that she had disappeared and did not respond to the phone throughout the day.When the victim’s mother went to the house, she asked the neighbors to help her open the door, and the neighbors were only able to break the door sire to open the internal bolts, and it was found that the victim had closed the door from the inside before committing suicide and hanged herself so the neighbors informed the mabahith men to remove the gallows from them for fear of accountability Legal.

For his part, a security source in the Cairo Security Directorate revealed the details of finding the dead body of a journalist hanged inside her house in Maadi.
Security source: No criminal suspicion
The source pointed out that the death of the journalist Rehab Badr has no criminal suspicion, and it was found from the preliminary examination that all the outlets of the apartment are intact, and depression drugs were found inside her apartment.

As for the details of the incident, it started when Lt. Col. Islam Bakr, head of the Investigation Department of Maadi Police Department received a report from the residents stating that the body of Rehab Badr Hamid, in the third decade of her life, was hanged inside her apartment in Tora El Maadi.
Witnesses: The journalist hanged herself
By moving, examining, and asking the eyewitnesses, it was found that the journalist hanged herself by “fanning” the ceiling of her bedroom, closed the door of her apartment “with a bolt” before committing suicide, and the neighbors broke the door siren and opened the door from the inside and were surprised by the journalist’s corpse attached with a rope to the ceiling.
Husband: I tried to call but she didn’t answer
By asking the victim’s husband the amount, he explained that he called her several times and did not respond, so he asked her mother to go to her, and when she went to her and did not respond, her mother asked the neighbors to help her open the door, pointing out that he had received a phone call from a neighbor who told him of his wife’s death.

Major General Nabil Selim, Director of the General Department of Cairo Investigations, informed the Public Prosecution of the investigation into the incident, to reveal its circumstances.

The security services received a notification from the family of the journalist Rehab Badr, stating that her body had been found inside the apartment several hours before she traveled to the Luxor Film Festival, and the victim’s husband was called to listen to his statements, and her neighbors were examined and information was collected about her acquaintances to confirm whether or not a criminal suspicion was found.

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