Profile: Zeina Aker .. The first Minister of Defense in the Arab world


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The new government formation in Lebanon, headed by Hassan Diab, drew attention, especially after it carried surprises, most notably the assignment of Zina Aker to the defense portfolio, for the first time in Lebanon and the Arab world, and Zina Aker was not a well-known political figure before announcing the formation of the government, as it was not mandated Before in any prominent political positions, but was also assigned to the position of Deputy Prime Minister in the new government.

The new minister is considered one of the figures affiliated with the Lebanese President, General Michel Aoun, and his brother-in-law, Gibran Bassil, the former foreign minister, and belongs to the Christian Orthodox family, and her candidacy for the position was the “Strong Lebanon” bloc headed by Basil, which aroused the dissatisfaction of the protesters as one of the faces affiliated with the popularly rejected political parties. .

She is the wife of the well-known Lebanese businessman, Jawad Adra, who hails from the town of Kafr Hazir al-Koura in the north, and she held the position of executive director of “International Information”, supervised the “monthly” magazine, and founded with her husband the “Nabo” museum in Al-Hery, in September 2018, She was active on the parent’s committee at the IC School and is characterized by her strong ties with Americans, and she succeeded in establishing close contacts with international donors, NGOs, UN agencies, local banks and financial institutions, according to the ID card provided by the International Information Corporation website.

The Lebanese President announced that the participation of women in the new government was not limited to Zina, as it included 5 other ministers, including: Manal Abdel Samad, Minister of Information, Ghada Shraim, Minister of Displaced, Lameya Yamen Al-Duwaihi, Minister of Labor, Mary Claude Negm, Minister of Justice, and Fertini Ohanyan Minister of Youth and Sports.

Zeina led the Beirut-based research and consulting company in the field of investigative research, data collection and analysis for Arab world and Near East projects in the fields of health, education and agriculture, in addition to working with the International Information Organization, and Zeina is a founder and director of the Social and Cultural Development Association (INMA) program ), A non-profit organization that provides services to specific village groups.

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