Qadir 2020 .. For the first time, the Egyptian army displays the latest 3 Russian weapons .. Pictures


The formations and units of the armed forces from the land, sea, and air forces, and the air defense forces, in addition to the special forces elements from the thunderbolt and umbrellas, carry out a number of training activities «Capable 2020», The strategic opening of the forces includes all the strategic directions of the country and the Bahrain Red and Mediterranean coasts.

For the first time, the armed forces have reviewed a number of modern Russian weapons that have recently entered service, such as the MiG-29M2-mig29m2 fighter plane, the Kamov 52 helicopter, and the Mi-24 combat and transport helicopter.

The maneuver is capable 2020

Prepare to maneuver Capable 2020In an affirmation of the strength and readiness of the armed forces to protect the capabilities and wealth of the country, the combat capabilities of the armed forces have witnessed a remarkable development during the past five years.

A number of live ammunition have been implemented with various weapons from the Navy, Air Force, Air Defense Force and Ground Forces, proving the armed forces ’ability to secure the nation’s national interests and deal with all hostilities in all strategic directions simultaneously.

The northern military region, in cooperation with the navy and elements of the Special Forces, carried out a number of training activities as part of the maneuvering activities.Capable 2020»Implemented on all strategic directions by land, sea and air in cooperation between all the main branches and tactical formations of the armed forces.

The northern military units have raised the levels of readiness, line-up, inspection, loading of vehicles and armored vehicles, and moving to their work areas by tankers and railways within the framework of the strategic opening plan and the repositioning of a detonation battalion to carry out special combat missions on the northern strategic direction.

It also carried out a joint training to secure the Mediterranean coast to repel hostile naval justification in coordination with the Naval and Air Forces, the Border Guard forces and the Special Forces, while carrying out command and control work from the advanced operations center at the Muhammed Naguib Military Base.

The navy has also secured strategic directions in cooperation with the main branches of the armed forces, tactical formations and special forces, and continues to secure vital installations in the sea and in regional and economic waters, and has implemented many combat activities in the first and second stage, including the implementation of an amphibious operation on the Mediterranean coast in cooperation With the Air Force and the Air Defense Forces.

A number of guns were carried out for a number of torpedoes, frigates, and seaborne cardamom aircraft, in addition to submarine control units. It also strengthened maritime security measures in the Mediterranean and Red Operations Theater and secured international shipping lanes.

The Thunderbolt forces carried out some training activities that included lining up and strategic loading of elements of the unit 999 fighting by a number of different planes, and the implementation of the naval justification of a thunderbolt unit loaded on Hummer vehicles by the marine media from the helicopter carrier and assigning them the task of capturing and securing a beach head in cooperation with the navy and air forces, As well as the air justification of elements of the unit 999 combat by a number of helicopters of various models and assigned to the task of eliminating hostile elements and cooperation in fighting armies and regions in all strategic directions.

The Air Force also repositioned its aircraft of various models and from various military bases to provide air protection to all elements involved in the exercise «Capable 2020» On various directions, implementing a number of reconnaissance missions and providing fire assistance to the elements participating in full coordination with the Air Defense Forces.

During the implementation of its missions, the navy assisted to secure economic interests in the Bahraini Red and Mediterranean theater of operations and the implementation of strategic transport work for the thunderbolt forces in the directions of its work and the implementation of the justification and projection of the parachute forces while providing air assistance by targeting terrorist outposts in all directions in cooperation with the mobilized formations with a willingness to implement the evacuation tasks Medical, search and rescue.

And the military western region implemented a number of activities along the land and coastal borders in cooperation with the main branches of the armed forces and the border guards where the levels of combat readiness for the formations and military bases were raised with the implementation of the strategic opening plan for the elements of the western region on all axes and directions and the implementation of many tactical projects with soldiers with ammunition Living with the participation of the air force and air defense elements, as well as securing sea and land coasts in cooperation with the navy and border guards.

Paratroopers carried out a number of training activities that included raising the levels of readiness and loading a parachute battalion by a number of transport planes of various models, implementing an air justification for a parachute unit by a number of helicopters and entrusting it with the task of eliminating hostile elements, securing landing areas and achieving a meeting with friendly forces, as well as dropping elements Free jump by shenook helicopter stationed on the roof of the Mistral helicopter carrier and assigned to the task of securing the beachhead.

The border guards have also cooperated with the Air Force in securing the Egyptian borders and coasts, as well as implementing a number of activities that included thwarting an illegal immigration attempt across the Mediterranean coast, as well as thwarting infiltration and smuggling attempts across the western land border line and tightening insurance procedures on all land and coastal borders.

The Border Guard forces carry out their tasks by providing air protection for the forces and vital targets, assisting in the fighting of the main branches and tactical formations, and carrying out the air monitoring tasks for the borders.

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