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Every book has a term, and if their deadline comes, calls and hope that God have mercy on the one who died, and whoever heals those who were injured in the accident of the men’s doctors, and reduces the impact of the accident on loved ones.

The sad, recorded, compassionate conversations between the female doctors and the intransigent training officials, and the abhorrent emphasis on the imperative of arriving at dawn, to move to Cairo on the microbus to receive training according to the instructions of the ministry, and “whoever has a child to answer” and reject all excuses .. pleas from the harshness of the winter frost and weakness The vision in the hydrocele did not intercede for those with dead pronouns.

As if it is coercive training, training with anger, what took place is an outrageous intransigence of the tragic bureaucratic conditions that our medical system manages to bring young female doctors in a microbus on a dangerous road, what we felt the requirements of the training, and they were afraid of it, and revealed the anxiety of the “death bird” flapping on the road, I heard if I called alive, but there was no life for those who called.

Harsh hearts, deserted souls, devastating pronouns, and strict “Qaraqoshiyya” instructions, all the causes gathered to create a terrible human tragedy that shook the human conscience, and ripped the hearts of the medical community .. Yes “if” it opens the door of Satan, and the devil lies in the details, but the facts that it says Female doctors ’concerns for fear of travel are distressing, intransigence, stubbornness, the threat of transfer, and financial and administrative penalties, all of which depict the sad landscape.

It was great, counting wounds, O pain, Minister Hala Zayed mourned, and made pilgrimage trips to parents, not permitting a wound that is effective in the heart gasket, nor financial benefits compensate for loss, the dear are expensive, the judiciary and destiny are inevitable reality, God is no objection, but it is proven that there is “Qaraqosh” in the Ministry of Health brings female doctors at dawn to receive mandatory training, and does not take into account climatic and human conditions, and red cards are shown in the faces.

Well, the Minister alienated to mobilize medical teams at a high level to surround the disaster and save the lives that could be saved, to make fractures and before them to make thoughts, but as a matter of first to alienate them to avoid the coming calamities, and to conspire with her senior officials to deal with mercy and compassion and take into account the circumstances of the victims (unfortunately the doctors became victims of Qaraqosh In the ministry).

The training works in Minya, Assiut, and Menoufia, the compulsory training book did not specify Cairo, it was easy to hold the training course at Minia University, Farka Ka’b, and it is necessary in the future that these courses take place in universities and hospitals. Why do the “Jaljaba” doctors train for a central training in Cairo, the Ministry’s instructions on My head, but mercy is above the instructions, “Karakoush the Ministry” has to reduce his exaggeration, not by force. The cycles succeed. The deadly bureaucracy is embodied in the incident.

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