Queen of Spain is recycling her clothes in an elegant style without effort .. Photo


She is known for choosing a distinctive and flawless fashion style, she is Letizia the Queen of Spain, a woman who has a wonderful taste that combines elegance and simplicity, and has caught the eye and the lenses of photographers while hosting the heads of cinema in Zarzuela Palace in Madrid, where she appeared elegant without effort, and because her style is distinctive In choosing fashion, many women are keen to follow The look of the Queen of Spain Every appearance.

Queen of Spain with elegant look

According to “dailymail,” the elegant queen, 47, appeared in a printed skirt with a recycled Carolina Herrera dance, where she wore these bold clothes for the first time in November 2019 during a visit to Seville, and is characterized by red and gray poppy blossom patterns.

Letizia returns her clothes
Letizia returns her clothes

The bold skirt was coupled with an equally attractive red blouse, designed by Hugo Boss, decorated with elegant pleats on the neckline, and Letizia in cold weather conditions wore high boots to the knee, which helped her to show fit.

Letizia, Queen of Spain
Letizia, Queen of Spain

The Queen of Spain appended her looks, with a black belt that put her in the middle, and added a touch of sparkle to her clothes, through a gold-plated ring from Karen Hallam.

Letizia has an elegant look
Letizia has an elegant look

Letizia relied on her calm woof hair, shimmer earrings, and a calm makeup that showed her natural beauty, as she was content with black eyeshadow with a bronze touch.

The queen was without her husband King Philip, whom she married in Almudena Cathedral in the Royal Palace, Madrid, in May 2004.

It is noteworthy that “Letizia” used to work before marriage with the royal family as a reporter for 24 Horus news channel, where she held a key position in the program Informe Semanal Also a post in the daily morning news program.


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