Radwa El-Sherbiny reveals the truth about her marriage … video


The media, Radwa El-Sherbiny, has sparked widespread controversy after publishing a photo she gathered with her brother “Mohamed” during his birthday on the social networking site “Instagram”, where some commented that she married him. The comments were: “Oh, you marry me,” and others: “We held it permissible, and I stayed in the other.”

Radwa El-Sherbiny responded to this rumor, which took comments with her brother through a video in the Story feature of the “Instagram” site, saying: “My brother, my group, who used to say every year and you are good … your lab is a need.”

Radwa El-Sherbiny presented on the CBC Ambassador the show, “She Wess,” a program that deals with women’s affairs and rights and how to deal with men, which is always subject to criticism.


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