Ragheb Alama in the fiercest attack … Who was accused of theft and what is the relationship of Elisa and Maya Diab?


The Lebanese artist Ragheb Alama launched a fire attack on the officials in his country on the sidelines of the events and protests he witnessed for months.

This came in a tweet posted on his account on “Twitter” where he wrote: “A ruling class that ate green and dry, lived to ignite sectarian strife among people, occupied, extorted, stole, plundered, planted corruption, shared the blood of citizens, starved and humiliated people, destroyed the economy, finance, tourism and industry Agriculture and the environment are still clinging to the chair. What do you want after? May God grant you success. ”

He added in a tweet he posted later: “About 40 fake accounts of human waste belonging to the corrupt and affected by our support for the people, mostly belonging to one person. Today our account was cleaned of it and thrown in the trash. And their fear of us. ”

He continued: “French philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau said: Give me a few honorable people and I will destroy an army of thieves and corrupt people. This is what we want in the waiting government, a few honorable people to destroy thousands of thieves and corrupt who sabotaged the state, values ​​and morals.”

In turn, the actress Elisa commented on her account on the same site: “We made a revolution and we drunk the roads. You said, you broke down the work. We got out of the roads, we see what you will do, what you did is something! Will it annoy you? ”

As the artist Maya Diab drew attention by tweeting, she wrote: “The week of anger, the name is enough, and we are all descending. What are we all because you are without a sense and the nisab has nothing left to shake except that we will shake you. “.

She re-posted a tweet to a sign that said: “Those of you who consider yourselves as leaders, after this crisis, make sure for us and the world that you are nothing but commisiones and helpless people. Months, this time it will be different. You are responsible for the blood if it falls. ”


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