Raiham Saeed’s innocence from “insulting obese patients”: she used her right to legal criticism


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The Giza Misdemeanor Court considered, on Tuesday, the merits of its ruling of the acquittal of the media, Reham Saeed, the presenter of the program “Sabaya Al-Khair” – previously, on Al-Hayat satellite channel, from the accusation attributed to him by civil claimants of “insulting and insulting obesity patients”, during one of the episodes of its program , That “the media woman used her right to the permitted criticism, according to the constitution.”

The court explained by the facts, that “Saeed” did not criticize the two who filed the lawsuit against her, and that she used her right to criticize, as it is one of the media who was entrusted with a program that discusses some social issues, and the constitution guarantees the citizen the right to express an opinion.

The ruling was based on the innocence of the “Sabaya Al-Khair” submitted: “Because it did not refer the plaintiffs to their civil rights, which the court questioned is the authenticity of the accusation against the complainant.”

The rationale stated that the civil claimants instituted the lawsuit, and called for the punishment of the media, Reham Saeed, for its contempt for a large segment of Egyptian society, and spreading offensive words about obesity patients, which is considered insult and slander, and according to the provisions of the Court of Cassation, the origin of the crime of insult and defamation that requires punishment to be that By intent of the accused.

The rationale stated that the lawsuit papers did not contain words that were considered defamation of the plaintiffs ’right to civil rights, and that what came from the accused’s words expresses her fear that this obesity may cause some diseases, including heart disease, because the accused when she criticized the obese women in order to follow the means Sound for nutrition.


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