Rania Farid Shawqi: “I wish you were a stingy man. We were very excited.”


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The Centennial Hall at the Cairo International Book Fair on its 51st session presented a special video of the late artist Farid Shawky on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of his birth, including a number of his artworks, on top of which was a film that made me a criminal, the text of the Night’s Night, Sultan, blood on the Nile, the Devil’s Road, and the demons of the night , Dalaa Banat, and a film with the charity parents, and an angry movie, in the presence of the two sons of the late artist Rania and Abeer Farid Shawqi and the artist Samir Sabry.

Rania Farid Shawky expressed her great happiness in the video that was presented to the great late Farid Shawqi and said that she will talk about Farid Shawqi, the father and not the artist, because he is from God’s blessings on them and her sisters, daughters, and he is nicknamed “Abu Al Banatat”.

Shawky added in the symposium that was held to celebrate the late centenary of the book fair 2020, saying: “She learned from him commitment, especially during work, and his focus on listening well to the director’s words, and he was merging into the role to the extent that made people believe that he is stingy as he did in the series Al-Bakhil and I “He continued,” I wanted him to be stingy. We were savage. “

She added that everyone considers Farid Shawky an arts academy because of his many talents.

While director Abeer Farid Shawky said that the artist Ahmed Zaki called her father the President of the Republic of Acting in Egypt, and he was a fan of boxing and left her with a passion for acting and entering the world of art.

And she continued: “Baba was a true fanatic and I was very pleased when the Al-Ahly club earned his love for him.”

The artist, Samir Sabry, said that the late artist Farid Shawky enjoyed an unusual lightness, with no smile, as the late artist Anwar Wajdi adopted it, and presented him with many works, including: “Ghazl El Banat”, “Anbar”, “My Heart is Delilah”, “ Souad Hanim », and other works that have met with great success.

Sabri pointed out that he participated in “Screen Monster” in more than 20 cinematic films, and reviewed the most prominent situations that brought them together, when he asked “Shawky”, his colleagues, mention one literary work by the writer Ihsan Abdel Quddus, and Sabri answered, saying: “And the work train has passed.” In it, “Shawky” expressed his happiness and gave him 10 pounds in appreciation of the artist Samir Sabry, and this work turned into a movie called “Spend the Work Train” and the artist Samir Sabry participated in this work as one of his heroes.

Sabri reviewed, after the life and artistic situations in the life of the late artist Farid Shawky, stressing that he was keen to attend all of her performance concerts, and said, “He lives in my heart as he lives in the hearts of everyone,” adding that “the immortal artist does not end with his departure.”


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