Rania Youssef is over forty and her life has started now! – Video


Published Rania Youssef Video Small to her From inside her house, She talks in it About the changes Which Occurred on her distance Attainment age Forty.

She said that Changes several Has occurred, The most important It I became Contemplate In a way rational More, And stronger When Take Which resolution Decisive According to Described.

Root that points Its weakness Her daughters who No You can Give up On their behalf, and despite her divorce from their father, she did the great producer, Mohamed Mokhtar, for many years.

I followed: (Life the beautiful start distance Forty), What Means It Conciliatory With her age And did not nine Days To get smaller itself And you visit Her age She always recognized In all boldness Her age The current 46-year-old.

Rania Waiting for Show Her movie the new (brain A demon) in a 22 From the month Present, And share it Heroism Basim Samra And Salwa Speech.


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