Rania Youssef: It is normal for the audience to pay attention to my details


Egyptian actress Rania Youssef is experiencing a state of artistic activity during the current period and is waiting for a number of works to be shown on top of which is the movie “The Brain of Demon”, due to compete in the mid-year season.

Photo by Rania Youssef on her Instagram page, photo: Islam shalby

Rania will appear in it differently, as she is waiting for the “Kingdom of Satan” series, postponed from last year, and the “Miss Farah” series.
On the other hand, Rania is keen to see her in the festivals, and has sparked controversy in many situations, causing the audience to wonder whether you intend to do strange things to be controversial and be the “Trend”, which is the most widely discussed on the Internet, and “Rania” had a clear and frank response On that point, through her dialogue with us, as she told us about the scenes of the movie “The Brain of Satan” and the reason for its postponement, and revealed to us the date of the presentation of the “Kingdom of Satan”.

Let’s start from your participation in the movie “Devil’s Brain”, which is featured in the mid-year season?
I love this movie very much and I expect it to be a great success in theaters. It is scheduled to be released on the 25th of this month, and through it I offer a different role. I agreed to the scenario immediately and was excited about the work story, and I am sure that it will be liked by the audience, because it has events and details She has not been presented in the cinema before, as it revolves around a family that suffers from an accident that causes them to enter into a major conflict, because of their involvement in a crime that changes the fate of everyone present in the work.

The film has been postponed more than once, so why?
It was because of production problems but now it will be presented in the cinema, and the movie was a difficult work for me in its filming, but the scenes between the team participating in the film were wonderful, it is starring Basem Samra, Walid Fawaz, Amr Abed, Salwa Khattab and Mai Fakhry, directed by Karim Ismail.

The public is waiting for the series “Kingdom of Satan” to be shown, so when do we see it on screen?
The series is scheduled to be launched at the beginning of the new year, and I am very happy to be in this work, because I love the director Ahmed Khaled Moussa, because he is one of the talented people in this industry, and the series is not as some believe that it was made in order to be present in Ramadan, on the contrary we are from Initially we decided to be out of season and it will be shown online on one of the online platforms.

You were constantly present at the Cairo Film Festival … for what reason?
I am very happy with the last session, which is a special session, and I was keen to follow all the films presented by the festival, especially the Tunisian movie “Bake Naiish”, which presented the first days of the festival, I enjoyed all its details, as I watched the Saudi movie “Lady of the Sea” to see where he got The Saudis, and what they offer to the world.

We heard about the presence of a second part of the series “As if yesterday”?
Nobody has told me there is a second part of the job yet, and I have many works busy filming these days.

Do you care about the date of the business presentation?
I do not care about this matter, as this is a matter of the production authority, and I am all I have to do to take care of what I photograph and present only in the best form, and these matters are production plans that I will not interfere with at all.

Do your daughters participate in choosing your artwork?
No, because they have not studied cinema or drama, and they leave it to me, respect my choices, and appreciate the works that I present, but I take their opinions to work after its presentation.

Could you refuse to work in order not to work with specific actors?
Ultimately, it makes no sense for me to reject a work that might be very special in order not to cooperate with an actor, and I am shaped according to every character I deal with.

What about your next work?
There are a number of works that I expect to present, including “Miss Farah”, taken from the American series “Jane the virgin”, and it is scheduled to be shown in 4 parts, each part consists of 22 episodes, and is also scheduled to start its presentation on the 29th of this month on mbc 4 channel Also, I am shooting the movie “The Box of the World” with the artist Salah Abdullah.

Photo by Rania Youssef on her Instagram page, photo: Islam shalby

Photo by Rania Youssef on her Instagram page, photo: Islam shalby


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