“Rapid Support”: We do not exist in Libya, and we are subjected to a smear campaign and “systematic demonization”.


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The spokesman for the Rapid Support Forces in Sudan, Brigadier General Jamal Jumaa, confirmed that rapid support does not exist in the Libyan territories, refuting all allegations and hints about the existence of their forces there, noting that their forces were subjected to a campaign of mutilation and deliberate attack based on the statement of the representative of Libya in The Arab University in the session of the extraordinary meeting of the University Council of the permanent representatives on December 31, 2019 in which he said that there are mercenary forces and soldiers involved in work and conflict inside Libya.

Jum`a also denied the allegations that were widely circulated on social media that there was a commander with the rank of Major General Muhammad Bakhit Ajab al-Dur working inside the Libyan territories claiming that he was affiliated with the Rapid Support Forces, indicating that Bakhit Ajab al-Dor is a pioneer working for the border guards forces of the armed forces, stressing that The RSF has nothing to do with the names of the leaders whose names have been traded on social media.

Brigadier-General Juma pointed out in the press conference held today (Tuesday) in Khartoum in the presence of correspondents of newspapers, satellite channels and news agencies that Mohammed Bakhit Ajab Al-Dawour did not attend the RSF after announcing that the border guards joined the rapid support with the rest of the individuals joining the RSF and he was tried in absentia in front of The Great Field Court held in Khartoum on 5/22/2018 according to the official document issued by the officer’s affairs department No. 554 dated 6/6/2018, in exchange for its violation of Article 24 of the Law of the Rapid Support Forces for the year 2017 read with Article 166 and the Law of the Armed Forces 2007 Amendment 2013 which statesOn escaping from service, noting that the previous ruling issued for his expulsion from the armed forces service from the date of his judgment and imprisonment for a year as of the date of his arrest and the denial of financial dues.

Juma said, “The Rapid Support Forces are exposed to demonization and a deliberate smear campaign inside and outside Sudan from suspicious parties aiming to weaken the Sudanese military so that they can be torn apart and controlled,” stressing that the rapid support will continue its national duties to maintain security and stability alongside the armed forces. .

Brigadier-General Juma said that the Rapid Support Forces operate outside Sudan only in Yemen and Saudi Arabia, as part of Operation Decisive Storm launched by the Arab coalition there, describing their participation there as successful, indicating that their forces there were greatly reduced after the change of the Arab coalition’s military plans there.

“Jumaa” added that the Rapid Support Forces operate in the joint Sudanese-Libyan borders and patrol there on the Sudanese side of the border to combat human trafficking and illegal immigration and combat the cross-border drug trade, stressing that the Rapid Support Forces do not cross the border into Libyan territory.

With regard to the participation of rapid support in any tasks inside Libya if an official invitation is sent to him, Juma affirmed that the Arab League is still studying and evaluating the situation in Libya between the focal points, and that the university has not yet taken a decision on that, and that the Rapid Support Forces are not operating in isolation from the armed forces.

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