Reasons for Haftar’s refusal to sign the Moscow agreement … video


Mahmoud Mohieldin, a member of the House of Representatives, said that there is seriousness in the world to find a real solution to the Libyan crisis by holding the Berlin conference.

Mahmoud Mohieldin, in his dialogue with the media Azza Mustafa on his “Al-Tahrir Hall” broadcast on “Echo Al-Balad”, added that the Marshal Hifter’s successor He refused to sign the Moscow agreement because of the failure to prevent Turkish interference in Libyan territory, and to cancel the Memorandum of Understanding between Al-Sarraj and Erdogan.
Mahmoud Mohieldin continued, “You must enter Libyan army To Tripoli without war, collect militia weapons and hand them over to the army voluntarily. “

Mahmoud Mohieldin continued, “Al-Sarraj spent billions on terrorist militias and on palaces and bank balances abroad that will be monitored in the future, and the Libyan people and intellectuals are more mature and will be sent to Al-Sarraj and plunder the capabilities of the Libyan people in prisons.”

“Does it make sense for the Libyan army to be forced to withdraw from its positions in favor of terrorist militias?” Mahmoud Mohieldin continued.

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