Reem Al-Baroudi on Mirna Al-Muhandis: She asked to see me before she died and I refused!


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Posted Date: Wednesday, 15 January 2020 – 11:52 | Last update: Wednesday, January 15, 2020 – 12: 5

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        Reem El-Baroudy spoke about her relationship with the late Mirna El-Mohandes and their strong friendship years before she fell ill.<p>Reem said during her episode on "One of the People" program with the media Amr Al-Laithi that Mirna used to call her an appetizing friend and when people see her sometimes now she looks like her with Mirna. However, one year before her illness, differences arose between them, which caused Reem to refuse to meet her before her death.

Reem added, “Amir Shaheen spoke to me and said that Mirna Ayza wanted to see you. She refused because the distress at the time was making me unaware. I don’t think. Then Omar Shaheen spoke to her brother and her time.

Mirna died months later and Reem admitted that she regretted her contradiction with trivial things, denying that she was suffering from cancer but rather a rare disease.

Reem indicated that she has visited Mirna so far in the graves and tells her what is happening in her day.

Reem Al-Bawardi recently participated in the play “A Relaxed Passport”, starring Reem Al-Baroudi, Ahmed Safwat, Hisham Ismail, and Menna Arafa, written by Ahmed Al-Mallwani, and directed by Muhammad Jabr.

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