Referral control for correcting exams for the first and second grades at the Rawda Department, Damietta, for investigation


Check “Mr. Ahmed Swailem” agent The Ministry of Education In Damietta, today, Tuesday, several schools in the Kindergarten Administration, to follow up the progress of the exam process and its discipline, including the Rawda Secondary School and the Official Kindergarten for Languages ​​and Secondary Dahra, accompanied by Kamal Nanaa, Director of the Follow-up and Performance Evaluation Department.”Swailem” continued the process of the exam process within the committees at the Rawda Secondary School, and instructed the director of the Rawda Department to individualize the committees and prevent two students from sitting next to each other even if their codes were different.

In response to complaints from Secondary 2 neighborhoods … Education: The questions match the specifications of the new system
Education: We have not received complaints about 2 secondary exams today … and we have detected individual fraud cases

During his passage, the “undersecretary” inspected the first and second year secondary control of the Kindergarten Administration, to check on the progress of work, and noticed that accuracy was not used in monitoring and that the ministerial instructions for exams were not applied, so he decided to refer the control to investigation.

The “Undersecretary” commended the regularity of the examination process within the committees at the Rawda Official School of Languages ​​and Al-Dahra Secondary School, directing the school principal to the necessity of regularity of studies for the first grades and kindergartens until January 23, as well as providing all attractions for children to attend and benefit from school teachers.

In the same context, “Swailem” confirmed that today 10705 male and female students in the second year of high school performed the electronic test in the subjects of philosophy, logic and biology by 90%

The “undersecretary” added that all 58 school students were successfully entered the examination platform at nine oclock in the morning, and the Directorate’s Operations Room did not receive any complaints in this regard.

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