“Refugees” .. 3 options for resolving their issue in the American Trump plan


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The “Deal of the Century”, which US President Donald Trump removed, yesterday evening, included the refugee issue, and included a plan to deal with them and end the “refugee status” completely through several options, including local resettlement, or the provision of financial compensation, but The options were not without restrictions that make the United States and Israel the upper hand in implementing them.

The plan considered that both the Palestinians and the Jews suffered from the issue of asylum, and acknowledged the efforts made by Jordan to absorb the Palestinian refugees, and a general plan of action stated in the deal stated the following: “The Israeli-Palestinian peace plan provides a means for a comprehensive end to any and all refugee issues or conditions. Immigration. There will be no right to return or absorb any Palestinian refugees inside Israel. ”The plan considered that those who are eligible to enjoy the rights guaranteed to refugees under the Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement are only individuals registered with the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA), until the date of issuing that vision.

The plan also considered that the identification of UNRWA as a reference applies to all asylum seekers in the world, and that the aim is to provide the bodies concerned with Palestinian refugee affairs with the greatest flexibility that enables them to follow the most appropriate methodology in their redistribution, but this does not mean the absolute acceptance of The United States side for those whom UNRWA considers to be refugees or asylum seekers, considering that UNRWA’s mandate to pursue refugee affairs and its broad definitions of refugees exacerbated the refugee crisis, and stipulated that individuals who were redistributed and resettled in permanent places would not have the right to resettle in new places , And it will be m Their only right to compensation is as follows: “The plan offers 3 options for Palestinian refugees looking for permanent residence, which are as follows: integration into the Palestinian state (provided that the restrictions described in the document are observed), local integration in their host countries (provided that those countries agree), or The OIC countries individually accept 5,000 refugees annually, over a period of 10 years (which means absorbing 50,000 refugees) in any of the OIC member states that agree to participate in the resettlement of Palestinian refugees (and this is subject to the approval of those countries).

After the three options were presented, the document said, “The United States will coordinate with other countries to establish a comprehensive framework that allows the implementation of the options referred to above, with concerns that haunt the host countries and restrictions that hinder their ability to absorb those options.”

In addition to resettlement compensation, the plan included options related to financial compensation, as “this type of compensation has a great impact on the economic and social situation of Palestine, and on the ability of the refugees to continue and survive if this funding is used to implement the economic plan that Trump prepared for them.”

She indicated that Palestine would receive “real” aid to develop all economic and infrastructure sectors, and Jordan would also receive aid and benefits under the Trump economic plan. Those financing benefits will benefit from the Palestinians who are physically present inside Palestine, and who will be transferred back to the Palestinian state.

The plan added that efforts will be made to provide financial compensation to the Palestinian refugees, and that these funds will be pumped into a fund or body under the name of the “Palestinian Refugee Trust” that will be managed by two “trustees” appointed by Palestine and the United States, and who will manage the fund according to principles established and approved by the trustees. Palestine and the United States. Hence, the trustees distribute fair financial compensation to the Palestinians according to the priorities determined by the trustees and in line with the volume of the total funding held by this fund.

The plan pointed out that many Palestinian refugees in the Middle East come from war-torn countries, such as Syria and Lebanon, which are “very hostile to the State of Israel”, according to the document, and to overcome these concerns, a committee of Israelis and Palestinians will be formed to deal with this issue and solve existing problems around The entry of Palestinian refugees from anywhere to Palestine, and stressed that the rights of the Palestinian refugees to return to Palestine will be subject to the agreed security arrangements and subject to its provisions.

The plan added that the movement of the flow of refugees from outside Gaza and the West Bank to the State of Palestine will depend on the approval of the parties concerned.

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