Relax 3 players so as not to lose them in Zamalek .. Video


Sami El Shishiny, General Coach of the First Football Team in Zamalek Club, stressed the importance of the team’s defense organization to continue its distinguished results locally and continually.”We have achieved 3 high points in El Gouna,” Sami El Shishiny said on Time Sports channel.

Sami El-Shishiny added: “We have reconciled with success and kept our nets clean. The most important thing is that he does not enter goals, so victory may be achieved with a goal in the 90th minute, an early goal in our goal will lead to a rush to tie and then seek victory.”

He added, “The rotation of the basic formation is important to face the pressure of matches in Africa and the league. We have succeeded in expanding the selection base in every position on the field.”

“We decided to relieve Mohamed Abdel-Shafi, Ahmed Sayed (Zizou) and Mahmoud Hamdi (the winch) so that we do not lose them for a long time, and the alternative was on the level of responsibility, we consider all the players essential, we have 25 players from the best elements of the league as well as professionals.”

“Mahmoud Abdel Razek (Shikabala) played a good game despite his absence for a while, the most difficult thing for the coach is that the player is not physically ready, we work in two local and continental tracks, and this is very difficult for the Egyptian player, and we are trying to remedy the crisis.”

Zamalek is preparing to meet Al-Masry next Monday in the Egyptian League, before facing Congolese Mazembe in the African Champions League.


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