Relief in Dakahlia, after arresting those accused of killing Muhammad al-Aziri .. and his widow: “They executed them a thousand times.”


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A state of relief prevailed among the sons of Dakahlia Governorate after announcing the arrest of the perpetrators in the incident of the death of Muhammad al-Aziri, 33, who is known as the martyr of al-Shahama, for sacrificing his life while trying to retrieve the bag of a woman who sought help after stealing it.

In the house of the “Shaheed Al Shahama”, sadness still inhabits every corner after they lost their youngest son who married just days ago and left his bride, who took off the clothes of joy and wore black clothes, while dozens of villagers and neighboring villages flocked to the house to offer condolences and participate in the painful affliction.

Hayam Hassan Metwalli, the mother of the martyr, said: “My son was a bridegroom, and he did not rejoice. It was 10 days, but he was descending from a few days, the cafeteria, so he could eat his bread.”

And she collapsed, she said: “Among them is God, who killed him unbelieving countries, in order to steal the suitcase, they kill the two sons of the groom, and they burn our heart on him. I am my heart. You will not be satisfied except by executing them.”

She added, and her tears do not stop: «Muhammad is my youngest son and he has an older brother than him, but he was craving and loved by all, and Omar is no one and I will not make up for his victory.

And she continued: «His longevity is a little luck, he failed in his first marriage after he gave birth to two girls, Sunrise in the second primary and Remas in the nursery, they are the ones who preferred his smell in the world, and we decided that he would marry again, but he didn’t rejoice, Dub only 10 days, he wore his bride, and he went to the grave, and we went through with our sorrow we all were They killed me and Sabaoh, rejoicing at his youth and his bride. ” The mother did not control herself and got into a hysterical cry.

While his brother Amir, 40, said: “Muhammad is a man of longevity, a man, a stump, a gentleman, and his age is not late for any extent and he died because of his magnanimity, but despite our broken heart and we appeared on him, but we are all proud that he died a man and all the people say the martyr of gallantry, but the criminals are countries they will prefer their longevity Shaylin naked Meanness and remorse.

He added: “Muhammad had a taxi, sold it, opened a cafe in Talkha, and was happy after his marriage, and because he loved his job, he came down after days of joy to see his interest, and he himself had many children, so that they could remain comforted, but unfortunately, he did not rejoice in his bride, and treachery died while defending a lady who had been stolen.”

He added: “The people heard the screams of the six when they were stolen, and no one moved other than Muhammad. Everyone was watching. The motorcycle was chased and the chasing of the Tuk and Haramiyya were chased and threw it on the road under the wheels of the Arab who came from the opposite direction, and the people must control quickly.”

And he continued: “We trained us properly and learned that we are saving the deaf and defending the oppressed and the oppressed and I and my two brothers Muhammad and our elder brother Tamer are related to each other so that Muhammad’s death has broken us all of us feeling that we have lost our soul with him”

He demanded the speedy trial of the perpetrators, saying: “They arrested one but from the thief with the driver of a quarter of transport. The second defendant required Yeji and tried a quick trial and executed because they thwarted him while he was chasing them with a motorcycle and his speed is high and they know that the road is fast and if he falls on the ground he will die.”

While the wife of the martyr said with great difficulty: “I am a bride from 10 days, and Muhammad said on the day of the incident that he would return to my heart, but up to now my reference is due, and it was every need for me, even if the criminals did not cross a thousand times, I wouldn’t cool except when I die in my hands because they deprived me of life and of tenderness and bond ».

She added: “I am in a nightmare from the day of the accident and I cannot believe what happened. We got engaged to us for a month and we got married for 10 days. The joy was set in February, but Muhammad decided that he would deliver the appointment and said that he had cleared everything and his apartment was ready in his mother’s house as if he knew that he would leave me He walked, so every moment he bid farewell to me, and on the day of the accident, the morning came out, and he bid me farewell. When the cafeteria started calling more than once and the last call, he said that he would come back 3 hours so that I could tell him about his wildness and want to see me, but from God the darkness deprived me of him. ”

She collapsed while saying: “They executed them a thousand times because the fire of my heart is leading and will only cool down when they take their punishment.”

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