Renaissance Dam meetings continue in Washington .. Progress and optimism!


Source: Cairo – Ashraf Abdel Hamid

US President Donald Trump met on Tuesday evening with Secretary of State for Water Resources and Irrigation Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan On the sidelines Renaissance Dam negotiations That takes place in the American capital Washington.

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry stated that the negotiations were resumed Rules for filling and operating the dam, Where meetings were held under the chairmanship of US Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchen, in addition to several meetings at the technical level to discuss the details of filling and operating rules, including measures that Ethiopia must take during these two phases to reduce the effects of drought and protracted drought.

News of progress

Meanwhile, Al-Arabiya / Al-Hadath correspondent in Washington quoted sources at the meeting as saying that progress had been made that necessitated following up the work.

The Egyptian Foreign Minister, Sameh Shoukry, expressed Egypt’s appreciation of the American President’s interest in this vital file and the constructive effort undertaken by the American Treasury Secretary and his assistant team, stressing his country’s readiness to continue negotiations within the coming days with the aim of reaching a fair and balanced agreement that would achieve the interests of the three countries, preserve their rights and secure Egypt’s interests Watercolor.

The ministers agreed to continue negotiations, on Wednesday, for the third consecutive day to continue to discuss all aspects of the rules for filling and operating the Renaissance Dam.

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry revealed, on Tuesday, some details of the first meeting today, which was held in Washington between Egypt and Ethiopia regarding the “Renaissance Dam”. She said that the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Water Resources and Irrigation participated in the meeting held on Monday evening at the US Treasury Department headed by Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin, and in the presence of World Bank President David Malpas, to discuss developments in the ongoing negotiations on the rules for filling and operating the “Renaissance Dam”.

Renaissance Dam (Archives - France Press)
Renaissance Dam (Archives – France Press)

She also mentioned that the meetings included lengthy and in-depth meetings between the Egyptian and American sides, during which the Egyptian vision was explained of the rules and mechanisms that should govern the filling and operation of the “Renaissance Dam”, as was followed by a meeting of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Irrigation in Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia and accompanying delegations. She added that during the group meeting, they discussed the foundations and technical controls necessary to reach a fair and balanced agreement on filling and operating the “Renaissance Dam”.

It is mentioned that during the previous rounds held in the capitals of the three countries, the participants failed to reach an agreement that satisfies the three parties and achieves the interests of each country separately without harming the other.

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