Report: 6G networks will support data transfer speed of 100 GB per second


Company revealed NTT DoCoMo The Japanese announced their plans to provide sixth-generation networks for data transmission 6G , And it can offer a speed of up to 100 GB per second in data transmission, as a company has published NTT DoCoMo Which is one of the major service operators in Japan, about a document outlining its vision for the next generation of 6 networksG, And revealed plans to start promoting this technology by 2030.

According to the site gizchina Chinese, the Japanese government had confirmed during the last period of its plans to finance research and development of the sixth generation networks in Japan, to reveal NTT DoCoMo In the end, the specifications of this technology, which transfer the data transfer speeds to a new level of up to 100 GB per second, as well as indicated NTT DoCoMo In its document dealing with networks 6G, It will support ultra-fast response with a delay rate of less than 1msAlso, this technology will have the capacity to support more than 10 million devices per square kilometer.

It is also expected that the technology of the previous generation 6 networks will comeG With stronger performance, however, the technology is still in its early stages, as theories are still not applied or tested in practice until now, and it is expected that these networks will provide a new technology for network extension that differs from the ground extension technology currently used for coverage, as well as providing a wider range With reduced response time, reliable connections with greater efficiency.


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