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In Senegal, we may not hear of prestigious or prestigious clubs competing for the continental championships, but what is known as “black”, which is the title held by the Senegalese team as mines to produce players, perhaps the most prominent of them in the recent period, Sadio Mane, the current Liverpool star and the best player in Africa for 2019.

The last period witnessed Al-Ahly’s association with a contract with the Senegalese youth, Alliu Badji, the Austrian Austrian Rapid striker in order to strengthen the offensive side, so that the 22-year-old will have the opportunity to lead the offensive side in light of the instability of the Swiss Rene Filer on the striker who will lead his team in various local and continental challenges.

Badji’s start was traditional, as he started his first step from the Senegalese Casa Sport team, a club that contributed to the emergence of many talents on the level of Senegalese football, perhaps the most prominent of them is Ismail, who marched the current Watford star, this experience gave the young striker to appear hoping to reach the second stage, namely exit to Europe and professionalism to walk On the approach of football stars in Senegal.

Badji’s career with the ball took the second stage through the Swedish League, when he moved to the club of Diejardenes in January 2017 to start from the club’s youth team, especially with the 21-year-old team.

The young man, who has an impressive length, managed to capture the attention well after participating in 16 games with the youth team to score 12 goals and make three assists, which made him join the first team in the same year of his transfer.

Overall, Badji participated in his 54-game Swedish team, during which he scored 15 goals and made four assists.

During Badji’s time in Sweden, French club Rennes, along with several other clubs not disclosed by the French newspaper L’Equipe, attempted to obtain the services of a young Senegalese player to finally decide to leave Austria.

Badji’s career in Sweden moved to another stage by moving to Austria, which is joining the ranks of Rapid Vienna in a deal estimated at one and a half million euros.

“The new Drogba” is how Austrian newspapers described it after Badji moved to Rapid Vienna in January of last year where the player managed to draw everyone’s attention despite his young age.

The young player, since his move to Austria, participated in 34 matches, accompanied by Rapid Vienna, to score nine goals and contribute three goals to be under the circle of the oldest Turkish clubs, specifically the Galatasaray team who tried on more than one occasion to contract with Badji the first when he was a player in Sweden and the second time in recent times According to the Turkish newspaper, Yannetik.

“I am in constant contact with Cisse for development,” Badji said of his position on joining the first Senegalese national team, revealing that he is receiving many advice from Alio Cisse to join the “Black Teranga” team and the summer of the African Nations Cup in the previous edition, which was held in Egypt 2019.

Internationally, Badji participated in nine matches, accompanied by his country, Senegal U-20, to score a goal and make another.

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