Reporting and interrogation of the Minister … 9 decisions of “Doctors of Minya” after the May accident


03:20 PM

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Minya – Mohamed Al-Nadi:

The Medical Syndicate of Minia, today, Thursday, issued a statement about the Minibus of Doctors of Minya, which occurred yesterday, Wednesday, in the Eastern Desert Road, and killed two doctors and a driver, while they were going to training in Cairo.

The statement stressed that the accident will not go unnoticed, and officials in the Ministry and the Health Directorate in Minya must be held accountable for their disregard for the safety and benefit of female doctors, and informing the victims to travel to Cairo before it is not sufficient, without providing an appropriate place to stay overnight, or giving them sufficient time to book a train, or provide a means Safe transportation.

The statement mourned, the two doctors, Rania Muharram Muhammed Hussein, and Samah Nabil Awad, and wished a recovery for the injured doctors.

The statement stated: “Immediately after the accident, the Minya Doctors Union Council moved to the hospitals to which the victims were referred, to expedite the completion of the procedures for burying the two martyrs, and to continue treating the injured women. The Physicians Union strongly and profoundly condemns the policy of the Ministry of Health in the method used to implement this type of duty and what has been said On the threat about its implementation. “

The statement added: “The blood of our daughters that was shed in the neck of the Ministry of Health and the Directorate of Health in Minya and those responsible for them, and the Physicians Syndicate did not and will not stand idly about it, and will take all necessary measures to preserve the rights of doctors, and escalate the matter to the highest levels.”

And the Minya Medical Council decided in its emergency meeting today, to file a notification with the Public Prosecutor to investigate all the perpetrators of the accident and to assign the legal counsel to the union to take all necessary measures, to communicate with parliamentarians to question the Minister of Health about the accident, and to demand the state to treat the victims and their families financially and literally.

The statement also called for the union to consider all cases as a work injury, to provide material and moral support from both the Medical Union and the Medical Professions Union for victims, to end centralization of these courses, and to establish a training center in the governorate, with the need to communicate and coordinate with the union in everything related to the activities of the Directorate that relate to doctors .

The statement called on the Ministry of Health, to contract with the Railroad Authority similar to other bodies, and to instruct Council members to move in to monitor the condition of injured female doctors daily.

The Minya Medical Syndicate concluded the statement by affirming that the Council is in permanent session to follow up on the implementation of the previous decisions.


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