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A research team in the German city of Hanover announced that the extinction of dinosaurs 66 million years ago was the result of the fall of a space asteroid on Earth. The research team, which includes German scientists, in this new study, said that the region of southern Deccan, India, has long witnessed massive volcanic activities that could be the cause of the elimination of dinosaurs.

However, the scenario of these volcanoes is not consistent in time with the study published by the journal “Science” specialized in these areas. And nearly half of the volcanic gases absorbed in the Deccan region came in time before the extinction of the dinosaurs, said Andre Bornmann of the German Federal Institute for Geological Sciences and Raw Materials in Hanover.

This geologist was part of the international team that studied fossil nuclei taken from the depths of the seas in the north and south Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, and precisely reached the time period between the Cretaceous and Paleogene periods 66 million years ago, which saw the extinction of up to 75 percent of Animal species.

For this study, scientists used procedures such as referencing scientifically recovered temperature changes, scientific excavations, and models of the carbon cycle. The study said that the result of the asteroid strike on the Earth is still present and is a volcano standing in front of the Mexican Yucatan peninsula, the diameter of its crater is approximately 200 km.

The study said that this event could have triggered a tsunami and released huge amounts of sulfur. American researchers confirmed this hypothesis shortly by measuring the contents of the samples from the aforementioned volcano. Bornemann added that the volcanic movement in the Deccan region is really responsible for the temporary rise in temperature 200 thousand years before the death of all living things, but they did not have long-term effects on the biologist and climate later.

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