Resurrection Osman Episode 8 Continuing the conflict between the founder and his uncle Dundar – the most important events of 8 BOlum, the marriage of Igor, the daughter of Dundar, and the disclosure of the truth of the unknown body


Details of Episode 8 of the Resurrection of Osman, a few minutes, and the show of the founder series ends. Millions of Osman’s fans will start searching for links to watch the eighth episode of Kuruluş Osman, which included exciting fiery events. “He refused to kiss the ring,” and he was satisfied with only kissing his hand, amid a state of anger on Dundar’s face, and on the other side, the joy of Salijan, Commander Bamesi, and Abdul Rahman, what Othman did.

The series of the Resurrection of Osman Kuruluş Osman

Over the past five years, millions of fans of Turkish drama have followed great historical events about the history of the Turkish people and how they suffered in building their homeland and put the first nucleus in their homeland, through the five parts of the wonderful historical drama of Artegral Resurrection, which rose to the top of the views at the time and reaped the highest proportions of Views.

The series “The Resurrection of Osman” is the historical complement of the Artegirl, through which the first nucleus in the construction of the Ottoman Empire will be placed by the youngest of his sons from Artgrel and the third in order. The founder, Othman, Who will follow the same path as his father and will go through many invasions and be exposed to intrigues from enemies inside and outside the tribe.

Episode 8 Founder Othman

The body of an unknown person carried on the shoulders of the soldiers, everyone asked about who this body was and some people believe it is the body of a calanus who may have been killed while attacking the residence of Sheikh Adibali to kill him, but he was killed and failed in his mission.

At the hands of the Calanus was killed

There are three people, one of whom may be a calanus killer

  • Sheikh Adibali.
  • His daughter, Sheikh.
  • Ghazi Othman.

Saligan enters into conflict with both Bala and Zahra and seeks help from Aisha, while Gonduz has doubts and suspicions turned around, and Al-Ghazi begins to uncover a lot of treachery and betrayal.

Follow events Resurrection Osman episode 8, Sofia and her constant plots and her desire to impose full control over the castle, the arguments of Salijan and Donnar, and the conflict between Osman and his uncle, especially after the explicit refusal to not pledge allegiance to all these events and others. We will follow and watch them together by watching episode 8 Resurrection of Uthman today Wednesday 29-1-2020 via Turkish satellite channel ATV.


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