Revenge and retaliation are waiting for Erdogan and his army … details


He said Mohamed Rabei El-DayhyErdogan is still determined to Turkish intervention in Libya, despite the fact that the Ottoman history is full of massive massacres and revenge crimes committed by the Ottomans against the Libyans, pointing out that the Libyan people will take their revenge and will respond to the Saa` of Erdogan and his army as they approach them His land.In a phone call to the “Extra News” satellite channel, Rabih Al-Daihi denounced a visit Erdogan To Tunisia, saying that it aims to use the latter as a gateway to enter Turkish soldiers into Libya, especially as he wants to use the president’s card The Tunisian Parliament Ghannouchi, in the shadow of his affiliation with the Muslim Brotherhood, who returned Erdogan’s visit and went to Turkey amid complete aversion to the Tunisian people and parliament.

Al-Dihi pointed out that there are international reports that revealed Erdogan’s transfer of many terrorists to Libya, pointing out that Haftar’s control of Sirte closed the door on him to interfere in the Libyan affairs.

He stressed that Erdogan tried desperately for many years, but failed to restore the sinister scenario to the minds of the Libyan state and to subject the latter under his control to purely colonial goals.

He pointed out that the Turkish president, after failing to approach the Egyptian state and divide Syria, had an ambition for invading Libya and seizing its wealth and her wealth.

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