Revenue disappointing in the first two days of the horror movie Underwater


A disappointing start to Movie UnderwaterIn the first two days, it was shown around the world, where many critics expected that the work will achieve high revenues, but the new movie, which is going on in the framework of drama, action, adventure, and horror, has achieved revenues that amounted to 14 million and 103 thousand US dollars since its release on 10 This January, the film grossed 7 million and 3 thousand dollars in the opening work in the United States of America, where it was shown in 2791 American theaters.

Revenue was divided between 7 million and 3 thousand dollars in the United States of America, and 7 million and 100 thousand dollars in theaters around the world.

Movie Underwater Starring Kristen Stewart, Jessica Hinwick, T.G. Mel, Vincent Cassel, John Gallagher Jr., Mamoudou Athy, John Wright, directed by William Eubank, and the duet Brian Duffield, Adam Cozad.

He started shooting the first movie scenes Underwater Last year, he went through a lot of stops due to the action heroes being busy with many other cinematic works, and produced by 20th Century Fox.

Movie Underwater It revolves around a group of scientists trapped under the water, after a major earthquake in the planet collapsed, and they are trying to get out from under the water for safety, after their laboratory was destroyed.

The company also announced 20th CenturyShe will use a movie director Maze Runner , Wespal, to direct the new part of a film series Planet of the Apes The new, however, the company did not reveal any information about the new part.

Starting in 1968, the company produced 5 films from the series based on the French novel by Pierre Paul with the 1970s series, and then began work on the Star Wars series “Star War”, According to the report posted on the website “deadline”.

And Disney has revealed some features of its new year plan, which included the implementation of new parts for the popular film series Planet of the Apes.

According to comments from the CEO of the company, “Bob Aiger”, he stressed the existence of an initial plan for the implementation of two parts of the famous series, to be presented at the end of next year, if the negotiations to include representatives ended in those days.


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