Revenue does not interest me and “secondary girls” does not cause for debauchery!


Source: Arabic.Net – Mohamed Ahmed

Constant steps of success have been taken by young artist, Jamila Awad, from her inception in the series “Under Control” until her latest work, “A Secondary Girls”, which competes strongly with the largest films at the Egyptian box office.

In her interview with, Jamila Awad talked about her role in the movie and her lead in the movie, accusing the film of publishing debauchery, and the reason behind her from the drama, the most important artistic stations in her life and her relationship with her family that belongs to art.

* Tell us about the experience of the movie “Secondary Girls” and why did you get excited about it?

** When the movie showed me a lot of enthusiasm, the region that belongs to the world of girls and young people at the beginning of their secondary school life is a very rich region, so I was happy that for the first time I will present it with many details, and the personality that I presented in it was a lot of challenge and I have never presented it before, and this He frightened me, the audience may not accept me in that region and this character, and I also refused to change my formality and decided to challenge myself with representation and reincarnation more than the idea of ​​form and look, thank God that the audience loved the movie and the character especially that the character “Sally” expresses a strong and smart girl, with it Many important details that I took great care of.

Beautiful Awad
Beautiful Awad

* How was Sally’s personality prepared to graduate in this way?

** The character was written very well, and it had a lot of rich details, and I had to feel it to be of flesh and blood and make for it special spiritual features, and until I regained the secondary stage and its details, I began to recover and focus in this missed stage of my life, and to restore my memories with all that Girls do at that age, and how they talk, think, and discuss .. And when they fall in love, how do they deal with the topic .. And how they face the problems that occur to them in this period, and perhaps my willingness to detail is the goal that I achieved, so the character appeared in this way and succeeded with people, thank God.

* What are the most difficult scenes you encountered while working?

** The most difficult thing is to embody a role that I have exceeded my age and be obliged to tell its details, because the group that is interested in or related to this stage may be very harsh in its rule, so I consider all work in all its roles a great challenge and for me. I suffered a lot in the last two scenes of the movie, which are the most difficult ever, and they are “Master Sen” as they say and we cannot talk about their details so that we do not burn the movie.

Beautiful Awad
Beautiful Awad

* The film contains a large number of female artists, such as Hanadi Muhanna, Mayar Al-Ghaiti and Hoda Al-Mufti, did you fear competition?

** I do not look at things in this way, as I participated in works with a group of great stars and my role was pivotal with them, and since my inception I have become accustomed to competition and consider it a healthy phenomenon until everyone strives and comes out the best of what he has, and on the contrary, it never worries me but rather encourages me more.

* After taking the lead in the movie poster, it was said that it is considered your first absolute championship, so what is your response?

** I don’t really care much about market names like “Ultimate Championship”, “Second Championship” and “Collective”. They are all terms that do not interest me as an actress, and what really matters to me is the role, and what I will present through the movie, and am I sure about the experience and will it add to me or not? ? This is my standard of choice and how many absolute tournaments are offered and rejected by me because they are ineffective or important.

Beautiful Awad
Beautiful Awad

* After the film’s teaser was launched, he was charged with accusations, such as “teaching immorality” .. He also accused the film of “its message being superficial” .. What do you think?

** No, of course, there is nothing in the film that calls for immorality or deviations from tradition, but the film must be watched and not judged by simply seeing a brief teaser, so certainly advertising is a crowd of suspense to attract viewers, and the evidence is that the film is good and appropriate that censorship has stated that it is viewed Age 12 years.

There is no truth to the idea that the film does not present a message, on the contrary, the film’s story is different, and it is not straightforward as some people think, and we presented a social problem, and we dealt with its damages simply.

* Screening of a movie, “Secondary Girls”, among very strong works in the cinema, such as “The Money”, what do you think of this competition?

** I am happy with the success of the film and its achievement of good revenues, but I am not really concerned with the idea of ​​revenues or the box office and it does not bother me with the idea of ​​money in general .. But the experience of “secondary girls” in particular made me somewhat interested in pursuing the film’s artistic and material success in the midst of these strong competitions.

* How do you choose the works that you participate in the championship?

** I choose according to two very important criteria, which are story and scenario. If it is good and new, I agree immediately, and of course to achieve work with quality, there must be production and production and a good work team, and according to these criteria I choose all my work.

* Why is there so little in your posts in the world of drama?

** Drama is very difficult and requires great effort, and for this I care very much that the work is distinctive and not a role and peace, and when that is available I agree to participate, but there is not always the quality of the works that I feel add to me and I am waiting, of course, for a suitable job.

Currently, I read a bunch of scenarios, but I haven’t settled on any of them yet.

* You are from an artistic family, so how has your family affected your artistic career?

** Certainly, being from an artistic family made me more understanding of the nature of art and representation and the details of industry, and I learned to accept what corresponds to my personality and artistic principles, so I do not work for the spread or presence without benefit, this does not concern me at all.


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