Revenue from the Egyptian cinema: The money leads 29 million … and secondary girls fail in its competition


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Egyptian cinema continues to reap its revenue from the box office, during which it achieved 9 million pounds last week, topped by the film “Al-Fulus” starring Tamer Hosni, while the second movie, “Secondary Girls,” starring Jamila Awad, came third, and the movie “Day and Night” starring Khaled Al-Nabawi four wheel drive”.

And the film “Filos” was able to achieve in 3 weeks the total revenues of 28 million and 785 thousand, while the movie “Secondary Girls” in 9 days achieved 2 million pounds, and the movie “Day and Night” achieved a million and 185 thousand in 9 days.

As for the film “Four Payments”, it achieved in two weeks 134 thousand pounds, while the movie “Summoning Crown Prince” in 5 weeks achieved 447 thousand pounds, and the movie “Bayt Set” in 5 weeks achieved 552 thousand pounds.


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