Ruling on dropping urine after ablution and entering into prayer


Shalaby answered, saying: This drop of urine is called IncontinenceIf this event continues with the human being, the Sharia abstains from it and stipulates that he perform ablution for every obligatory prayer, and this is what Shafi’i jurisprudence has to do.
He continued, asking: There are people who say how to who he has Incontinence disease Not paying attention to this and completing his ablution or his prayers with the presence of impure things? .. So we respond to them and say that he who has urinary incontinence and used to perform ablution or pray and feel something does not pay attention to this and complete his ablution and his prayers and nothing in this and the prayer is valid in this case and this means that there is an owner of an excuse .

He explained, “Let a person worship and draw close to what God Almighty has asked for, where the Lord Almighty says:And what He put on you in a Debt From critical ۚ}.

How to pray for a patient with urinary incontinence

Sheikh Ahmed Mamdouh, Secretary of the Fatwa in the Ifta House, said: Enuresis patient It is one of the people with excuses, and therefore, this patient is in front of him, the first solution is to purify himself before every prayer by wiping with water the place where the water descended and does not require showering, then he performs ablution when hearing the call to prayer and prays directly and does not pay attention to anything that happens to him.
He added during the live broadcast on the Dar Al Ifta page: The second solution is that it is permissible For an enuresis patient Or wind may delay the prayer in the sense that it is permissible for him to delay the noon prayer until minutes before the afternoon prayer, so that if he finishes the noon prayer and is followed by the ears of the afternoon, let the afternoon arrive immediately before something that spoils his ablution and purity of urine or wind.

He continued: It is permissible for patients with urinary incontinence to wear a diaper.

Ruling on ablution for patients with urinary incontinence

Dr. Magdy Ashour, the scientific adviser to the Grand Mufti of the Republic, said that incontinence It is not controlling the urine for old age or illness. If more than once happens on the day, there is nothing wrong with someone who suffers from it and must perform ablution for every prayer.
“Ashour” added in his answer to a question (Can a person with urinary incontinence perform ablution for every prayer?That the choosen one in Dar Al-Ifta ’is that he does not perform ablution at every prayer because of urinary incontinence, but he performs ablution once and prays with him more than prescribed, provided that his ablution does not invalidate another way like the wind, so if there is another contradiction, he must perform ablution for the other reason, but incontinence We do not renew his ablution for the Mukhtar in the fatwa in the Fatwa House.
He pointed out that Enuresis patient He performs ablution once for the time of each prayer and prays, and if something comes out of impurity during the prayer without intent or control, he completes his prayer, and the patient is not critical.

He explained that if he was able to clean clothes with every prayer without hardship, especially with continuous incontinence, then he would be doing ghusl. If he was not able to do ghusl, he would wipe the place of urine even if he was traveling, so the traveler is like the present in urinary incontinence, because it is a disease inherent in a person.

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