Russian company opens the door to eternity for those who can freeze the brain by refrigeration


When the 70-year-old mother of Alexei Voronkov passed away, he paid a sum of money for freezing her brain and keeping it cool in the hope that future practical progress would bring her back to life. Liquid nitrogen in one of several vessels of several meters in length is in a dormitory, constructed with slabs of winding metal outside Moscow.

These human bodies and parts are stored at a temperature of minus 196 degrees Celsius, in order to protect them from decomposition, although there is as yet no evidence that science may be able to revive the dead.

Voronkov said, “I did it because we are so close, and I think this is the only opportunity for us to meet in the future,” and he intends to arrange to save his brain the same way after his death.

In statements to the newspaper “Izvestia”, Evgeny Alexandrov, head of the False Science Committee of the Russian Academy, described the freezing of human organs by refrigeration as “a purely commercial activity that has no scientific basis.”

He described this activity as “they contradict people’s hopes of resurrection and dreams of eternal life.”

Valeria Udalova, director of the “Krioros” company, which froze her dog when he died in 2008, said it is likely that mankind will develop the technology necessary to revive the dead in the future, but there is no guarantee that this technology will appear.

The company said, hundreds of potential customers from about 20 countries, contracted for its services after death.

The cost of keeping the entire body is 36 thousand dollars, while the cost of keeping the blood is 15 thousand dollars for the Russians, while the prices for non-Russians are slightly higher than that.

Official statistics show that the average monthly salary in Russia is 760 dollars.

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