Sabreen: No one interferes in my relationship with our Lord .. and reveals the secret of the mold of Ramiz, the lion’s heart


The actress, Sabreen, said that she started the “Sabreen and Uncle Yassin” troupe during her childhood stage after her father had an accident while performing one of the shows in the circus, and she gave many artistic performances in TV shows and concerts.

Sabreen added during her meeting with the media, Esaad Younes, on the “Her Excellency” program broadcast on DMC channel, that she thanks all the members of her family and colleagues who provided support and show their love and faith in her talent during the recent period, after she was exposed to a fierce wave of criticism, and added that no one should interfere In my relationship with our Lord.She continued, my participation in the presentation of Fawazeer Ramadan with the director Fahmy Abdel Hamid, is a move in my artistic life, and during this stage I decided not to offer singing passages in weddings.

And she added, I cooperated with my cousin, actress Faten El Helou, to make a mold in Ramiz Jalal, while presenting the program “Ramiz the Lionheart”.

However, I decided to give my brother a different gift at his wedding, so I decided to compose and sing a festival song with my voice at the wedding.


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