Sabreen reveals her relationship with “Naima Akef”


11:19 AM

Wednesday 15 January 2020

I wrote – Manal Al-Jayoushi:

Sabreen revealed that she is from a large artistic family, during her dialogue with the actor Esad Younes on the “Her Excellency” program.

She said that her parents were stars of the circus, and they had a paragraph showing flexibility, and that paragraph was marked by the fact that it was her mother who was carrying her father.

Sabreen added that the artist Naima Akef is the daughter of her mother’s cousin, and she did not contemporary with her because she died before her birth, but her mother and Naima Akef’s mother were the cause of the association of my family Akef and El Helou.

Sabreen appeared with “Her Excellency”, in the first TV interview after giving up the veil.


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