Sabreen reveals the truth about the dumps of Ramiz Jalal: I did not know myself


Relationships and society


Sabreen revealed the truth of her knowledge of the mold of the artist Ramiz Jalal in his program “Ramiz the Heart of the Lion” during her meeting with the artist Essaad Younis on the “Her Excellency” program broadcast on the satellite “dmc”.

Sabreen said that her cousin, the coach of the lions, Faten El Helou, told her that they would contact her for the sake of the lion’s mold, and that she knew that and represented that she was surprised by the lion, shocked, cried, and fell to the ground.

And she continued: “My aunt’s daughter told me, keep your mind, I will leave you because Ramez and I will work myself not knowing,” adding that she is not afraid of lions due to her upbringing in the circus.


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