Sabreen sings festivals for the first time … video


The artist, Esaad Younes, presented in her program, Her Excellency, on the DMC channel, a video clip of the artist, Sabreen, who sings the song of festivals.

The artist, Sabreen, said that she sang this song at her brother’s wedding, and that “Mankesh wanted to marry, and I never believed”, and that the whole family was happy with this wedding.

The artist Sabreen had seen her audience, with a new and striking look that was a surprise to them after she appeared in her elegance after she took off the veil less than a month ago, which was shared by the pioneers of social networking sites.

And the artist, Sabreen, announced her taking off the hijab less than a month ago, after she gave up wearing the hijab and the tarbuna, and then published two pictures, during which she appeared with yellow hair, on her personal account on the photo and video exchange site “Instagram”“.

Sabreen said in a special statement to “The Seventh Day”: “I was not veiled from the beginning, and my longevity by saying that I am not veiled but I am modest, and my appearance again with my hair is not surprising and there is no need“.

Regarding the criticism, she said: “For many years, especially in the timing of the series” Sheikh Al-Arab Hammam “, and I believe me because of the wig, and at that time I called” Sabreen or Barouka “, and my appearance now is in my poetry. A need between me and our Lord is what holds me accountable.


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