Sada Al-Balad: Watch a bride in the wedding dress in the Grand Mosque in Mecca … and tweet: Prevent this phenomenon


Some of their hearts attached to the Sacred House of God lie within them by the desire to start their new life with a wedding within the Great Mosque of Mecca, but when this idea is applied the opinions differ between a supporter and an opponent.A strange video clip spread on the Twitter tweet of a bride in the wedding dress holding the hand of her Saudi groom inside the Grand Mosque in Mecca.

The clip sparked controversy among social media users and users, where Saudi citizens protested the spread of such a phenomenon, demanding that the authorities need to educate people about the sanctity of the place and prevent brides and grooms from being inside or around the sanctuary. Something others denounced in their comments.

Mohdarad said: “What is prevented from entering the forbidden bride, because marriage is the Sunnah of God on earth.”

The bride and her groom appear wandering inside the Sanctuary Square, while voices around them appear with blessings and congratulations.

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