Safaga Customs seizes 7 attempts to smuggle human medicines and cosmetics


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The General Administration of Customs of Safaga, headed by Atef Ghanem, General Manager of Customs of Safaga, in coordination with the Investigations of the Port of Safaga managed to control 7 attempts to customs evasion of a quantity of human medicines and cosmetics in violation of the provisions of the Pharmacy Practice Law No. 127 of 1955 and the Customs Law No. 66 of 1963 and its amendments and the Import Law And export No. 118 of 1975 and its amendments.

During the completion of procedures for inspecting goods and passengers arriving from the Saudi port of Dibba in the Department of Passenger Inspection headed by Mahmoud Abudouh al-Jalali, Director of the Department, personal belongings of 7 Egyptian passengers were suspected, 92 solbadine boxes were seized with 24 tablets and 74 centram boxes each with 100 tablets and 42 Bedodal syringe pack, 82 protein hair shampoo bottles, 73 bath cream packs, 63 body perfumed packets, 28 gold cream skin packs, 22 dozen purple cream, 84 body lotions hidden inside personal parcel packages.

The seizure was carried out by a customs committee consisting of Nasser Faris, Ahmed Shaker, Sayed Ezz El Din, Osama Ali, Mohamed Rabie and Mohamed Fawzy, under the supervision of Attia Abdel Majid and Alaa Al Shamandi.

The customs compensation, duties and taxes due 308 thousand and 372 pounds.

Atef Ghanem, Director General of Safaga Customs and the Red Sea, decided to take legal measures, edit 7 customs seizure records and seize the seizures.

This comes in implementation of the instructions of Mr. Kamal Negm, head of the Customs Authority, to tighten control over customs outlets and thwart all attempts to evade customs.

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