Salah Abdullah announces his age and why do people like him?


The great Egyptian actor Salah Abdullah celebrated his birthday today, and he wrote several times to make fun and joke with followers and announce without embarrassment his 65-year-old age.

Salah, who has a good personality and a wonderful psychological, has always reflected the image of his kindness, humanity and humility on his personality through (social media), and we have always expressed admiration for his spontaneity and how he writes and expresses his opinions and interacts with people and loved ones.

The capable actor does not exaggerate himself and does not condone people even though he has a large archive as does other novices who, once a work was successful for them until they became mad at them, and now they think that the whole world revolves around them!

Salah is one of the models that can be studied via (social media), and how he did not lose his value and did not lose his popularity and did not harm his image unlike the majority, but rather he became more beloved and perhaps superior to all the stars of his generation who do not write much or interact with their followers as he does.


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