Salah Abdullah highlights the “Seventh Day” meeting with the artist Youssef Fawzy: Muhtarm and Ibn Osoul


The mighty artist Salah Abdallah re-released the video of the seventh day that he was the only one to meet Artist Youssef FawzyAfter suffering from Parkinson’s disease, he hoped that God would help him recover, citing one of his human situations during the filming of the King Farouk series.

The great artist re-published the seventh day individually with the meeting of the great artist Youssef Fawzy, accompanied by a comment: “Our Lord heals you and heals you, esteemed, gentleman, son of people, son of origins, intellectual, hard. You will not forget that in the series Farouk you volunteered to formulate dialogue in English and train your colleagues in it.” Addressing his fans: “Please pray for this great artist, morally and artistically, Youssef Fawzy.”

The artist Salah Abdullah
The artist Salah Abdullah

The retired artist, Youssef Fawzy, said in exclusive statements to “The Seventh Day”: “I will not return to acting again, and this is a decision I made since I suffered from Parkinson’s disease, especially since my age became 74 years and the age took place and the serenity stole me salvation, which was due to the occupation of art and acting by stealing Age is really, because every day you go to perform a certain personality, and I go back to sleep.“.

Fawzi added, in exclusive statements to “The Seventh Day”: “In foreign countries, he makes films specific for those who are old. For example, a movie called The Lake Lake, the actors, their age was over eighty, but the paper is written specifically for this age, but we in Egypt will not take this risk.”“.

He continued: If I do a specific need until I do not agree, I have so far begged me nightmares that I had a lost scenario or a scenario and I do not know how to save the paper or I am not ready, and my nightmares show me from the day I had Parkinson’s disease“.

Fawzi indicated that he was offered more than 10 performances, but they were very small roles, and I embody the role of a patient with Parkinson’s, but I do not want to appear this way after this age.

He continued: “I am currently spending my life in my house watching movies and series on television and I rarely go out. Mostly, I meet my age friend who has been with me since the study I mean, I know him for 60 years, and we lived in one street in Garden City, and every Friday we meet We sit together, but as for the friends of the artistic community, all of them have the best technical support, and all of them are close to me, and I do not like the picture when it changes.“.

Yusuf Fawzi sent a final message to his fans, saying: “The people of Egypt are a good people when they have seen the artists who left in the cinematic or television works. Read the light for them, and call me to heal as well. I have nothing but to say to God that I do not ask you to return the judiciary, but I ask you kindness in it, and I ask you Hassan The conclusion“.


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