Salah Abdullah: My voice is a monster, but I will sing for the Egyptian army


09:39 PM

Tuesday 14 January 2020

Books – Bahaa Hegazy:

The artist Salah Abdullah, through his personal account on the website “Twitter”, published a video during which he sang to the Egyptian army after the “Qadir 2020” maneuver, which was carried out by the Egyptian army.

And Abdullah sang in the video: “Able, capable, all left, and every betrayer, cowardly coward, capable O our army, and without you we would not have lived, and without you Egypt would not have lived in safety.”

Abdullah commented on the video: “My voice is a monster, but I will sing for the Egyptian army.”

It is noteworthy that the Egyptian army published, on Sunday, video clips of the war games called “Qadir 2020”, which is the second huge training since the beginning of January in the Mediterranean and the north of the country, and participated in the maneuvers Egyptian land, sea and air forces, in addition to the air defense forces and Private and paratroopers.

The video showed military drills with the participation of land and sea forces, as well as the moments of the launching of missiles from warships in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea.


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