Salah Fawzi: The deceased prisoner was arrested in Rabaa events, and there are no detainees in Egypt


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Dr. Salah Fawzi, professor of constitutional law, revealed the legal position of the deceased prisoner, Mustafa Qassem.

Salah Fawzi said during a phone call that “the deceased was an American citizen, in addition to his Egyptian and regional origins, and the penal code determined his trial in Egypt.”

And Salah Fawzi, professor of constitutional law, continued, “What the US Assistant Secretary of State for the Middle East stated about the arrest of the deceased prisoner is wrong,” stressing that there is no political or criminal detainee in Egypt.

Salah Fawzi explained that the deceased prisoner was arrested in violent and terrorist incidents during the dispersal of the fourth sit-in, then he faced a final sentence of 15 years imprisonment with the court. Liquids.

He continued, “After the prisoner’s condition worsened, he was transferred to the prison hospital, and after the deterioration of the case, he was transferred to Al-Qasr Al-Aini Hospital,” concluding, “The treatment in Egyptian prisons is done with complete humanity.”

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