Salah: Klopp warned us of this danger before confronting Manchester United



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Thursday, January 16, 2020 – 11:02 PM
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Thursday, January 16, 2020 – 11:07 PM

Liverpool striker Mohamed Salah stressed the importance of his team’s match with Manchester United next Sunday at the top of the 23rd round of the Premier League matches, noting at the same time that the German team coach Juergen Klopp is always created for motivated players.

Salah said in an exclusive interview with the channel «Bin Sport» today, to be broadcast in full later on: “The direct confrontations between the six major teams in the English Premier League are always characterized by strength and club, stressing that Manchester United was successful after imposing a draw on Liverpool in The two teams meet to go to the competition.

He added: “I hope we are in good shape against United and enjoy the focus enough to get the three points in the meeting.”

Turning to talk about the meeting of the two teams this season in the go round at the (Old Trafford) stadium, where he said: “I remember that they did well in the first round match, the meeting was good from both teams, and we had opportunities that we did not take advantage of well, which caused us to lose two points.”

He explained: “We could have shaken the net at any time, and we had an opportunity to score in the last two minutes of the match, but they were successful in getting the equalizer.”

Salah turned to talk about Klopp, where he said: “It motivates us to focus in the next game and not to be lazy and the risk of relying on the big difference in points, but it always moves something inside you to be enthusiastic for the next match.”

Salah, who crowned the Premier League’s top scorer in the past two seasons, is looking to score his first goal against Manchester United, where he is one of three teams Salah has been unable to shake their nets in English stadiums so far alongside the Aston Villa and Swansea City teams, who are currently playing in the League The first (Champion Ship).


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